Milla Jovovich for Milla Dairy

Gwyneth Paltrow for Landmark

Steffi Graf for Rexona

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin for Quaker Oats

Morgan Freeman for Turkish Airlines



Useful Talent has been matching Celebrity Influencers & Brand Ambassadors with brands for over 35 years. Our extensive experience will enable brands to select the most effective Celebrity Brand Ambassador, on time, as briefed and within budget.

Our team of experienced agents are skilled in advertising and PR as well as Talent management and know how best to present a commercial opportunity to our Celebrity clients. We also know what qualities brands should be looking for in their chosen celebrity to maximize results.

Useful Talent is one of the best, most reliable and longest established celebrity agencies strategically based in several international locations available 24/7 and 365. We understand that authenticity is an essential component to building a successful campaign. Combine this with a strong personal relationship that engenders trust in our advice and you have a winning formula.

Useful Talent, Useful Chefs, Useful TV & Useful Sports with agents in London, New York, Monaco, Los Angeles and Abu Dhabi have been responsible for negotiating innumerable Brand Ambassador endorsements, advertising contracts, PR campaigns, corporate entertainment, product launches and personal appearances ranging from the very modest to multi-million dollar campaigns.

Our directors and staff are an enthusiastic group of young professionals qualified in advertising and public relations. We speak the same language as our agency clients as well as being highly skilled in negotiating the best deals when buying Talent.

We have saved advertisers huge sums of money by cutting out unnecessary middlemen, whilst generating millions in income for our Talent.  We have an outstanding reputation for skill and integrity in matching the aspirations and strategic marketing plans of major international advertisers with precisely the most effective Brand Ambassador or Celebrity Influencer.

We make sweet deals happen.


A young team of keen Celebrity Agents

Over 250 Celebrity clients represented by friendly Agents in 5 offices

Unlike some other agents, our mantra is; When you say jump. We ask, how high? We’ve been representing major Celebrity Influencers for Advertising and Endorsements this way for almost 40 years. As a commercial agent established in 1985 we have enjoyed direct contact with celebrities, personalities, sports stars and business leaders for almost 4 decades. We work hand-in-hand with personal managers, publicists, attorneys & personal assistants. We access our major British, European and Hollywood Talent with the minimum delay and have an outstanding reputation for matching brands with precisely the most effective Celebrity Brand Ambassador.

To be clear, we only deal with Talent for advertising, endorsements, personal appearances, PR and other commercial work. We do not represent Talent for film, stage, TV, publicity or their charitable interests.

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Our USP?  No Contract – No Charge. If we are unable to secure the Talent of your choice for your campaign within the budget you set, we make no charge whatsoever.

We consult with clients in the Advertising, Marketing, and PR industry to identify the Celebrity Influencer or Brand Ambassador with the strongest appeal to the target market who will deliver the best possible results at the most economical cost for any proposed advertising or endorsement campaign. We work with agencies and PR clients on a No Contract – No Charge basis. If we are unable to secure the target Talent within the budget set by the client there is no charge whatsoever.

We will contact our Celebrity Talent by the method they prefer to negotiate the best terms on behalf of the advertiser. We can prepare, issue and negotiate water-tight contracts to bind and protect both the Client and the Talent. We deal with the payment of deposits and arrange for the collection and payment of subsequent contractual monies. If necessary we will arrange for payments to be made in ways designed to reduce the tax burden of the Talent concerned.

We can make all the necessary arrangements for the travel and attendance of the selected Talent at the studio or other venue and personally supervise whatever activity is called for under the contract. We are one of the most experienced and reliable agencies in the world for any commercial activity concerning any type of Talent.

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Useful Talent is one of the best and most reliable commercial Talent agents. We understand that authenticity is an essential component to building a successful commercial relationship. Couple this with a strong management approach that engenders trust and you have a winning formula.


We are an enthusiastic group of Talent agents, qualified in advertising and PR, who speak the same language as our agency clients. We pride ourselves on being highly skilled negotiators, able to secure the best deals with when buying Talent.

Very few other agencies has our 30 years of experience in securing Talent for long-term Ambassador deals that continuously create value for the brands they represent.

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